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    I am starting on the transmission on my 1933 836.

    I am missing the cover that goes over the timing marks observation hole in the bell housing. Does anyone have a spare or a picture of one? I guess it is one of those things that got taken off to time the engine and didn’t get put back on.

    Thanks in advance. Good luck and safe travels to our Hershey attendees. Doesn’t look like rain until Saturday.


    Bill, mine is pretty handy at the moment, I can remove it and take some pictures and dimensions this weekend.

    I assume the pointer built into the attach screw is correct on mine, but it is quite a ways away from the flywheel timing marks – a lot of parallax to interpret the timing. I may post a picture for comment this weekend.



    Bill, do you know if it is the same cover on the Series 80?

    If it is I could send you the one on my spare motor and you could use mine for

    a pattern.




    I have no idea if the are the same. Greg Long has both cars in stock, maybe he knows. My work has steel and a laser. Let’s see what else pops up on this thread, but I might take you up on your offer.

    Anyone else need one of these or the inspection cover plates?





    Sounds good.



    Cislak has them for sale on his table at Hershey yesterday. I do not know how much. Ed



    Thanks for the info. I will ask him when I talk to him again.



    the cover is a circle that covers the shiny portion in the picture with elongated tabs made of flat stock. Within the tab is a hole for a bolt on one side and a slot in the other tab. To check the marks the two bolts were loosened and the cover was rotated in the slot to view through the hole. With your talents easy to make. I can follow up when I return from Hershey.



    Thanks for the info. That slot is an elegant detail. Keeps you from having to totally remove it so it could get lost. How was Hershey?



    Bill here is a shot of the timing cover and the pointed screw that goes through the back hole to attach. The pointer ends up a ways away from the timing mark on the flywheel but can be seen at the angle when looking back from the engine compartment. I assume it is original equipment and I guess close enough.

    Not as easy as marks on the front damper but a lot easier than the E-type Jag where the pointer is on the bottom and I have to raise it on the lift running to adjust timing (is that really correct?)!

    The timing cover plate is .093 thick steel.

    I am struggling with mufflers and tailpipes on my ’35 today, hope to finally do the first start next weekend.




    Thanks for the photo. It is definitely an better engineered solution than the Model A Ford pin. Good luck with the exhaust.

    Is the hook end held in with a bolt too?



    That “pin”” looks a lot like a Stromberg carburetor fuel adjustment knob.

    I left an assortment of those at Hershey and either Karl Krouch or Wayne & Marc Hancock have them.

    I left a half-ton of assorted odds-and-ends for whomever would truck it home.

    It also does not look like it would be too difficult to construct from a mild steel hex head bolt and a press fit stud that was machined to a point.”


    Bill, yes I think just a simple hex bead bolt (5/16 UNC if I remember right) locks the plate in place when not open.

    I am hoping someone can confirm or deny that the pin is original equipment or if there was something better.


Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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