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    The highest price paid [publicly] for a series 80 to my knowledge is the VERY nice 4-passenger touring that sold at the RM Auction in Plymouth Michigan two or three years ago.

    The auction car was restored to a very high standard, Concours level from what I could see. That car brought $98,000.

    I honestly cannot see why the ebay roadster was not sold at it’s first ebay auction that rose to $75,000+. I think THAT price was very high for the roadster. But, who’s to say? I’m not the seller.

    Greg Long


    I think many buyers consider restoration cost AND time when buying a car. Thus some good restorations can bring more money than one would expect. It also shows what a good value a driver is compared to a show car. For some collectors a higher price for a very good car is a better option. Ed.


    What a better way to alienate a fellow Pierce Member and a known poster to this forum than to condemn his cars colors and asking price on E-bay. As a moderator on the AACA forum we don’t allow this type of thread to continue as it causes the loss of good members. Rodgers first post is just information we can all use, however if this car sells there may be a few members who will probably not get a call from this seller to buy anything they are selling in the future. Just my 2 cents worth. Karl



    Well put..

    I have seen cases where Pierce-Arrows have gone to auction, members have posted less than favorable comments on the particular car and a month later we have a new member that happens to own the same year and model car. Chances are…..

    Now, how do you think that PROUD new member would feel if he read the post about his new Pierce Arrow?

    About 20 years ago I bought a torn apart 1922 Oakland Touring car at an estate auction where there where several antique cars. I had to go home to get my truck and trailer to load the car. When I got back, I walked into the garage stall just in time to hear a man say, “I wonder who bought this piece of S__T”! Without missing a beat, I said, “I bought this piece of S__T”! The man walked out of the garage fairly quickly. My Dad and I thought it was hysterical at the time, but it did take away from my high of the new purchase. Today, the Oakland still isn’t fully restored, but I am as proud of that car as I am of my Pierce. Just my 2 cents.



    Karl is correct, I was not aware it was a member car. I should have checked first. Ed.


    With no Moderator, Posters can use the delete key if the now regret the original post and use better judgment in the future. I have seen cars bring twice the price I am willing to pay, and the new owner could not be happier with the purchase. New high prices for sales make us glad when we try to justify restoration costs and when we walk in our garages and rethink the values of our own cars based on these sales. Karl


    I believe anything negative said about a car should be said privately, between one with the knowledge and a would be buyer, NOT on any public forum.

    Ed Minnie is a great example of that, numerous times he’s told people to contact him for information on a particular car, but he doesn’t say bad things about a car in “public”. It’s a good way to operate.

    Good things are OK to say, however, if you know a car is a really good one!!


    I really don’t think that I made such a vulgar statement as you are accusing me of. The aim of my question was if this color scheme was a legitimate period choice because I had seen it before. No one has answered that historical question.

    In my opinion, I don’t care for the color scheme but I clearly said it was in my opinion.

    My apologies for being politically incorrect. However I do not apologize for having an opinion.


    As far as I know we do not have a set of rules on this Forum. This is copied and pasted from the AACA rules: “It is NOT okay for forum users to make negative comments on a seller’s listing, nor is it okay to question its asking price.” If this doesn’t apply here I guess I always go back to rule number one for ANY club: Is what I am doing or saying for the good of the National club or will it have a negative impact on how the club is viewed by others? I’m done. Karl



    I don’t think anyone accused you of vulgarity.

    To further David Coco and John Dillman’s comments, a good rule of thumb on any forum is, don’t post anything you would not say to the owners face.

    Happy Motoring,



    Not long ago I bought a Pierce at auction and I am sure I was bidding against two other members. I ended up with it, makes me wonder did I over pay as the two other bidders got out while I was willing to go an additional 30 percent more. All I can say is I am content with my purchase. A fool and his money! 👍


    Good morning Gents,

    I agree with the matter about criticizing P-A cars, etc. on the Message Board.

    I also feel that if there is such a transgression in the future, one of our thoughtful PAS members might approach the “offending” individual with a personal email rather than doing to them on the Message Board what they were accused of having done to others.

    Personal, 1:1 communication to correct an error or faux pas works better than public condemnation.

    I look forward to your comments on my comment.




    Hello all

    I am glad to see the checks and balances at work on this site.

    I agree that one on one is the best approach.

    I like visiting this site for information and entertainment!

    Sometimes I get one and sometimes both!!


    One on one is the appropriate way to address such a perception. My two cents worth….


    Please note, posts have been deleted from this thread. As a moderator of the AACA forum for eleven years, this thread would have been deleted back to the single post by Roger Stahl long before this post. Copies of the Forum rules would have been e-mailed to all parties involved in the now deleted posts. If they can re-word the comments or questions the thread could continue. Moderators also have the power to pin the thread so the original post can be viewed and no one can comment below that post. This is not done often. When they signed up to use the AACA forum they clicked yes to follow the rules before they could post on that forum. If the poster wanted to start a new thread asking about colors for pierce arrows in the twenties they can do so. Fattie Arbuckles purple car can move to my house today and I would be verrrry happy! Karl



    One on one? Really? That would be one on three, as they were three posts about a fellow member’s car. So you would expect someone to contact all three guys and discuss it? A bit unrealistic don’t you think? The whole issue would have taken on a life of it’s own. Oh wait, we’re already there.

    The main thing to remember is Karl’s original post reminds all of us to think before we post.

    Happy Motoring,


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