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    What a nice new format!


    10-4 Tony. We are so lucky to have Paul Morris on OUR team. He just made the BEST car club website on the internet better. The honey-comb radiator backgound is perfect!


    Superb! Thank you, Paul! Great job!

    If it’s feasible to add the flags to show new content in the section boxes on the left side — especially (or maybe only) in the Member Pages portion of the boxes — that would let someone accessing the site see that there is indeed new content before navigating to the Member Pages.


    Thanks for the kind comments, guys.

    George, to address your question about update flags, I’ve already thought of that and agree it would be a useful feature. Of course, the problem is I don’t know who you are until you log in in order to determine whether to show the update/new flag or not. Cookies may be a solution, but are problematic for folks (like me) that use two different computers, one at work and one at home, or guys like Charlie that access the site from any one of a number of available computers via the university. The current system is pretty bullet-proof. Of course, not everybody that looks at our homepage is a member at all.

    As always, the PAS website is a work in progress. Rather than waiting until it is “done” to put it online, I prefer to make changes as they are ready. The update icons on the navigation panel are one of those changes that may come later. Until then, you can get to the Member’s page, which has the flags, via one click from the Member Login link on the banner at the top.



    Paul, the new format is terrific. It’s attractive, logical and very easy to navigate. The best just keeps on getting better. Congratulations.


    Wow. Just logged on for the first time in a little while, the new format is great! Super job. David C.


    My eyes have been placed back in my head and my mind is beginning to absorb the changes. Change is sometimes challenging for old fools like me (us?), but I’m adapting quickly. What flexibility and user friendliness! Paul Morris is the best webmaster in the universe!



    Please allow me to add my congratulations on such a great job. The other clubs will be green with envy.




    My compliments — the new format is a pleasure to access –

    Congratulations on a great enhancement



    Thanks, Paul. It’s excellent!



    Thanks guys. I’m glad you are enjoying the new look!


    GREAT JOB Paul! This is without a doubt the best antique car website out there.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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