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    I am beginning research on all Pierce Arrows which were custom bodied b y Frederick R. Woods Co of Manhattan, and later Brooklyn NY. I am particularly interested in any Pierce cars from 1911-1925. If anybody has access to or copies of Woods’ sales or build records from those dates I would greatly appreciate visual access to those as well. Many thanks. Andy Oldman


    Andy, There is one Pierce that was in the club years ago from Mass. that had a woods body, about a 1912 38 closed car if my memory serves me. Don Myer had the car for sale about 8 years ago. Ia this the car in question? If so I may be able to give you some leads on the car’s history. Ed Minnie


    Hi Ed,

    I would very much like the info on that car. I also think there may be one or two open touring Woods bodied Pierce Arrows cars in California that are early teens. I am aware of the 30”s Woods bodied Dusy Town Car which is owned by Jay Leno. Many thanks Andy Oldman


    I have a 1912 48 Landaulet that has (I believe) a Fredrick Wood and Son body. I have seen an early Rolls with one of their bodies and I believe Charlie Lamaite has a Pierce touring with one of their bodies. John Crowell


    Andy, I also have a 1916 Pierce FR Wood body and would like to communicate with you.


    1916 Pierce 48-b 6 pass


    Here is mine


    Thanks, John

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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