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    Just out of curiosity; my ’34 manual calls for the use of Free-Wheeling Lubricant. I am wondering what type of lubricant that was back in the day and what would be the replacement gear lube today. Haven’t gotten my ’34 836A basket case delivered yet but I down loaded the owners manual from the P-A web site. It is great that those types resources are available.


    I use NAPA GL-1 in the trans & Overdrive units in both our 1247 and 1601.

    The 1247 has freewheeling while the 1601 has the overdrive with freewheeling when disengaged. Borg-Warner recommends this type of “non-EP” mineral oil in the overdrives to prevent sticking going in and out from freewheeling. If there are any brass parts in the freewheeling trans components, GL-1 is what you need. I’ve never looked inside the 1247 trans, so I can’t be sure about ’33 or ’34.

    Glad to hear you have another P-A coming to your garage. Will Pugsley from Lawrence will have his 836-A at the Gathering so you can look at his and talk to him there.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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