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    As part of making my ’34 freewheel unit operational I discovered that the zinc diecast pusher bars that ride against the rollers were disintegrating. I had some machined from brass and after four trouble free years of running in freewheel mode, I feel that I can now offer them to the rest of the Society.

    These pusher bars fit ’32 through 35 and may fit other years. I’m attaching a photo for your convenience.

    The price is $100.00 for a set of eight plus postage. If you just want fewer than a set they are $15.00 each plus postage.

    Please reply to my email for ordering.

    [email protected]




    Thanks Bill! I was going to give you a ring to ask you the best way around down town. I’ll take a set of pushers, just bring them to the meet. Ed


    Hi Bill, please bring a set to the meet for me. George


    Thanks, guys!

    I’ll bring sets for you and anyone else who requests them before July 12.




    I would like a set of 8 pusher bars,that I would pick up from

    you at the P.A. Meet in Minn.

    Thanks,Tony Costa


    Thanks, Tony,

    I’ll have them there for you.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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