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    OK, I’m trying to move forward with the floor mat project.

    I’ve verified through correspondence with some of you guys that this mat, copied from my 1931 Model 43 touring, will also fit:

    1929 roadster

    1930 Model B touring

    1931 Model 41 touring

    It may fit others, if you want a copy of drawing please email me for one.

    I’ve sent an email with details to 12 interested parties. If you did not receive an email, please contact me and I’ll copy you.

    Cost for each mat is $900, and if project proceeds I’d need a 50% deposit within the next two weeks. I can make no guarantees, but I’m working with a well respected vendor who seems to deliver a quality product. This mat would be made as close as possible to original, including the Pierce logo that’s between the back of the mat and the shift lever opening.

    Thanks David Coco Winchester Va.


    As of today I have 7 firm commitments for these floor mats. We need 10 commitments for this project to be viable.

    If you have any questions, please email or call me. thanks David C.


    I now have 9 firm orders, and am proceeding. If you know of anyone who might want one, please let me know. I’ll place order early in December, and won’t be able to add more to order, if I understand the manufacturer correctly, he has to order materials in bulk. thanks for those supporting this project…dc


    Dave, can you send me an email with the dimensions and exact details so I can see if it would fit in my EDL?



    Craig, I just sent one, let me know if for some reason you didn’t receive. thanks


    Thanks for all who are supporting this project. I now have 11 orders and 6 deposits in hand, so the project is a go.

    I sent an email to all 1929-1931 open car owners listed in the roster.

    It’s time consuming, I may do the same for closed car owners.

    If you know someone who might be interested in one of these, please contact me. It will be a one time run with no extras.

    Again, thanks to all who’ve supported the project. I understand now what trials and tribulations people who initiate such projects go through, the whole time worrying that the end result will make everyone happy. I’m in that group, the fabricator has told me it will be as close to original as possible, but I’d hate to anger even one person. Remember, though, it’s my money too, as I need a replacement for my worn out original mag.


    I have not had the chance to measure the mat in my ED Limo.

    Going to make some time for this today or tomorrow.

    Thanks for taking this on, Dave.


    Check the 1929 133-143 parts book but as I recall there was only one part number for the front mat for those cars.I will say the open four and seven passenger cars probably had a rubber mat on the tonneau floor.Closed cars would have had carpet in the rear.


    David, My deposit is on it’s way. Thank you for your work and efforts on this project.

    Greg Long


    Thanks, Greg….11 orders and 7 deposits in hand as of today…thanks to all supporting this…David C.


    OK, understood! Thanks dc


    Peter Fawcett is on holidays therefore I will ask him next week if he wishes a floor mat for the 29 roadster we are working on. Is there a deadline of when the order/deposit needs to be confirmed? Thanks, Gayle


    Next week is fine, fabricator has ordered materials and we’re proceeding….thanks dc


    David we wish to order the rubber floor mat for 1929 Pierce Arrow roadster that we are restoring. If you require a deposit please email – [email protected]

    Thank you, Gayle


    Thanks Gayle – I’ve responded via email with the particulars. Also, have been in conversations via email with Karl Krouch regarding his 1930 Model B convertible coupe. The mat, as dimensioned from my original 1931 phaeton, fits BUT needs an additional 2 inches or so of base material on each side at the front upper dimension.

    Adding this material is no problem while mats are being fabricated, and can be done on an individual basis.

    Thanks David C.


    Mats are in production phase, thanks to those who ordered and we should be getting the first ones in the next few weeks. Shown is the insert for the mat, copied precisely from the original….


    Looks real nice David.


    I took this photo of the rubber floor mat at Hershey in 1991. It belonged to a 1930 model Touring.


    Here is the car. It was for sale at Hershey – who owns the car now?


    Yes, that’s the mat….note how accelerator pedal is offset from accelerator rod…

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