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    Many thanks to Dave and Diana and everyone who had any part in planning and producing this year’s event! Kathy and I had a fabulous time and wouldn’t take anything for the wonderful time with our PAS family. The cooler weather was a great treat considering we drove away last Wednesday from daily highs of 100 F or more; while we were with you the Lord blessed north Louisiana with much-needed rain and lower temperatures to boot.  All in all we are blessed!


    Was 850 miles both ways and I was worried dragging an 85 year old trailer that far on terrible rough roads and very inclement weather. My team of craftsmen did a wonderful job of repair and I guess I had nothing to worry about. The family of Pierce Arrow at Glens Falls and Gilmore were absolutely fabulous to Christine and myself. The grounds and Museums were breathtaking. Cannot thank the committees enough for arranging such a wonderful meet. Hope to be able to make some more in the future. Amos and Christine

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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