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    Hi, I just returned from the Pierce Arrow Museum Gathering at Gilmore meet. This is NOT a one day park your car in front of the museum event. It is a multi day touring event with interesting stops at local car collections, as well as visits to local tourist type of towns. Collections toured went from a early collection of large Oldsmobile’s with TWO Olds limited on display! As well as a collection with some world class brass and classic cars including marques such as Thomas Flyer 90 hp, and Mercedes 540k roadster. Not your average garage tour at all!. This well done meet run by Dave Stevens and his wife Diana can only be called a National Quality event. With 25 Pierce Arrows on tour and display along with another ten museum cars, the meet rivals many PAS National summer meets. The gathering is currently 6 years old, and I can assure you as a participant of this years event I will attend next years as well. This is a new permanent event that I will attend every year. I would recommend that ALL PAS members attend this wonderful event. Thanks to Dave & Diana as well as all the other folks who did a great job!


    Well said, Ed! This was my third Gathering at Gilmore and each has been absolutely Top Shelf. Every volunteer organization on earth is looking for their Dave and Diana! We are sure lucky that these folks love Pierce-Arrow.


    i am another voice to echo praise for this meet. it was my first “gathering”” and like ed it will be on my schedule each year in the future. even with rain the tours were very successful thanks to all that had sedans and coupes and the museum is a must see. thanks dave and diana and the rest of the hosts for this event.

    george quay”

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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