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    Well, there’s a Geo. N. Pierce refrigerator on Ebay. I’d like to have it for my memorabilia collection. Problem is, seller won’t ship, and I have no way at this point to pick it up.

    It’s in Laurel, Indiana, about midway between Cincinnati and Indianapolis.

    Is there anyone close, who could pick it up for me, and possibly deliver to Hershey, or hold until I can figure something out? There apparently is no UPS or Fastenal location close to this town, for example, methods I’ve used before.

    Any thoughts or help appreciated, would obviously be willing to pay smile and hearty handshake and gas money, or ?? And, of course, now I’ve alerted people to the auction, but think only the die-hard memorabilia collector would want it….

    Thanks! David Coco Winchester Va.



    Pierce was a guy who thought ahead, but alas he didn’t think far enough ahead to get into refrigeration.

    ICE is NICE though!

    Call Stu Blair. If you get it I’m sure he’d help.

    Good luck!



    Hello David,

    Laurel, IN is about 70 miles from us.

    And while we’re not planning on a Hershey trip this year, we will be at August’s Gathering at Gilmore and could deliver to you there.

    Let me know, Stu Blair (513) 576-0650 home #


    I left you a message on home phone, Stu, thanks!


    Thanks Stu for offering, and David for suggesting, someone apparently made him an offer off Ebay and he sold it to someone else….if it was someone on the forum congrats on a good purchase, I’ll keep looking…


    Well, if anyone is following the adventures of Pierce memorabilia collecting, this story has a happy ending, at least for me! I did manage to secure the Pierce ice box, and am very happy to check that off the “gotta have one”” list…..and thanks to Stu for the help!”


    Next time I visit Winchester, I hope to have a cold one from the Pierce ice box!


    Well, have to find some bottles of Pierce soda!! Or other carbonated beverage….


    Great news, It is always fun to wind up with the item you have been

    searching for. I am sure you will get it up to snuff and restored soon.

    When you have it completed please post a picture.


    Thanks! It has a path to follow before it arrives in my humble abode, I’m thankful for helpful Society members, and then it will move on to preservation and conservation, not restoration (which is an entirely different topic!). I really enjoy the early history of George N. Pierce, and his many manufacturing endeavors, which culminated in us having fine cars to enjoy! Whew, I’m out of 50 cent words, so on we go…


    Two Geo. N. Pierce products, one from Hanover St., the other from Elmwood Ave., and about 45 years apart.


    Close up of the Geo. N. Pierce, Hanover St., Buffalo, NY name plate.


    This is such a great group, and I am indebted to Stu for picking up this box. I now have a pretty good representation of Geo. N. Pierce early years; this box, glass bird feeders with his name and dated in the 1800’s(seed and water holders for cages), and a few turn of the century bicycles including a shaft drive. I’m a very fortunate Pierce memorabilia collector!

    Thanks again, Stu, plan to attend the Gathering and see you there!

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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