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    I just wanted to say thanks to everybody that has been so helpful with information and effort in helping me restore my Pierce.

    I haven’t been very active in the Society but tried to contribute some but I only have known one P-A and it is now gone and I won’t be renewing my membership.

    Everybody I have dealt with have been very encouraging and honest to deal with (except one) So to Greg and all the Daves, Jims, Tonys and Bobs thanks again it’s now time to move to the next project. I still have the clocks and distributor that I have no use for. Jim Livings



    We are sorry to see you leave. My wife and I bought our Pierce Arrow in Tucson

    in 2016. I am glad that we made the trip there to pick it up. It has a wonderful history. It is the first car my wife authorized me to buy.

    We both enjoy the Pierce Arrow Society and the friends we have made.

    Ken and Twila


    Jim, very sorry you are leaving. You have been a very big help to me with your very practical hands-on knowledge.

    Thank you!

    All the best! Jim



    Just because you don’t currently own a Pierce-Arrow motorcar, truck, motorcycle or bicycle, doesn’t mean that you cannot be a member of the Pierce-Arrow Society.

    We need member support, and at the minimum that comes with renewing memberships.

    Besides, as you renew, you can check in on your PAS Message Board Buddies.

    In this way, we also don’t have to be sad to see you go.

    The membership fee is “small beer”” for the connections it provides.



    Jim, sorry to see you leave. My Pierce seems to have been a native of Tuscon, and I am wondering if you have any memories of it. I believe the car was ordered new by a department store mogul named Alfred Steinfeld, and eventually passed on to his chauffer. The engine seized in 1950, and it wound up with a hoarder. It was eventually discovered and restored by a man named Reid Hassler. It was sold to a doctor in Indiana in the late 1980’s, and I bought the car from him. Ever run across a maroon/black 1933 1236 Limousine out that way?



    I have no info on the pierce but I do have an old Fairbanks-Morse hit & miss engine with a brass plate saying sold by Steinfeld, by the time we moved here Steinfeld’s was just a jewelry store.

    Maybe if things change I’ll return. I’m still going to be at the same address, phone # and email so if I can help anyone I will. Jim


    Indications are, Jim is staying around. Great news!


    Thanks Jim. The info I had on the Steinfelds is that they had the biggest department store in Tucson, and Alfred died in 1935. His son took over, and they also had a hotel across the street from the store. The son and his wife lived in the penthouse of the hotel, but there was a horrible fire about 1970 where he and his wife were killed. The store went downhill from there, and closed in the mid 197o’s.


    Welcome back home Jim!!



    Jim as one of the Daves I also appreciate your help and advice. Please keep in touch.

    Happy New Year.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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