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    I also live in the UK, absoluteley nothing available for the Pierce over here, Need a Handbook for a 1930 Model “B” & also workshop manual if there was one, Photo copies are acceptable more important to me is having the information rather than a pristine never to be opened book. My car is used most weekends & not sitting lurking in a

    garage unloved & unused.


    Photocopies of most Pierce-Arrow owner’s manual, parts catalogs, show room brochures, etc. are available from the Pierce-Arrow Society Library. Use the “Library”” link on the left to search what is available for your year & model.

    The collection is housed at the AACA Library. Send them the reference number shown in search results and the librarian there can make you a copy.”


    Thank you Paul, should have thought of that myself, have now ordered OM41 & PB17 , although I had great difficulty in making the payment Paypal locked me out 3 times,


    Pierce never produced “shop manuals””as such. 1929 is the last year for which the “”owners manual”” (actually called “”Operation and Care”” manual or some variant) had “”how-to”” information on adjustments and repairs. So in my 1930 I carry a photocopy of a 1929 manual (the cars are mechanically very similar) for the technical information. 1930 and later OMs are essentially “”how to drive”” manuals.”

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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