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    I have just been given four NOS headgaskets, all are 8 cylinder. Perhaps someone can identify the numbers for me: Fitzgerald 911, all steel; McCord 5788, all copper; Victor 954, steel and copper; Victor 736, all copper. The configuration varies somewhat among them. The McCord appears to be the most different from the others. If anyone knows what these are for specifically, I would appreciate the feedback.



    My Victor catalog shows 954 to be 1936-38 Pierce.

    Some scribbles in it put Fitz 911 next to 1929-35 Pierce.

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    Hi Tony,

    McCord 5788 is for Stude 8, Models 92 and 93 only, per my 1940 McCord catalog. This is NOT listed in the Studebaker section, but only in the numerical lists at the back of the book (what they call Section B-1).

    Victor 954 is Pierce 8, 1936-38, per 1945 Victor Master Catalog. Presumably the steel side goes to the aluminum head. I’d think that gasket would work for aluminum heads even if on earlier block.

    Victor 736 is Stude President 8, 1929-32 (1945 Victor catalog).

    Our own Parts & Service Directory shows Fitzgerald 911-PA for 1929-35 P-A 8 [iron heads] and 911-PA-DE for 1936-38 [alum heads].

    Happy holidays, all!



    Thank you Bob and George for the great feedback. Sandy Olson supplied much the same info on a separate email. Please encourage more members to use the message board. It is such a great tool.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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