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    Can anyone tell me the reason for the different Guide Tiltray headlamp lenses I have observed for 1931 and 1932? Specifically, the parts books show the same part number for 1931 and 1932 (fender) headlamp lenses. However, I have seen cars with lenses that have a depressed annular ring area near the outside edge, and some without (smooth convex curve). Even cars with one of each. The fluting pattern and and everything else is the same.




    Hi Bob. You are correct that the 31 and 32 lenses are the same. Interestingly, while checking on my 31 series 42 D/C car to be sure all the lenses were correct before I sold some spares, I found to my displeasure that I had incorrect lenses in the car. ( Or so I thought.) My car is a 33,000mile car that hasn’t been touched since the 50’s. While on a road trip last month I stopped by a members home to look at his 10,000 mile original Jimmy Walker touring car, also a series 42 touring. He also had the “incorrect” lenses in the car. I am sure they were factory. It poses an interesting question, now I have photos of two series 42 touring cars that have the same lenses in them that are different from what is listed as correct in the parts book. What would you do when restoring the car? I am going to leave the original lenses in mine, and keep a set of correct ones in the back of the car for any judge who insists the other ones are incorrect. My question to you is Why did you ask? Have you seen a car that is the same as mine? Ed



    Which ones are you calling “correct”” and “”incorrect””?



    Hi Bob, here are some photos of the Jimmy Walker car. Ed






    Here is the entire car……


    Here is the parking light lens, it is correct according to the parts book. My car has the parking lenses that match the headlight lens. Ed



    The lenses on the Jimmy Walker car do not appear to be Tiltrays of any sort. They are CM Hall lenses.



    Bill, you are correct. The Hall lenses are the same as the ones in my car, for some reason I had Tiltray on my mind. Has anyone ever seen CM Hall lenses on a PA? Ed


    The 1931 and 1932 Pierce Arrows use a Guide “Tiltray” lens that is slightly convex in shape.The CM Hall “Depress Beam” lens was not used on any Pierce Arrow of which I am aware.Some years back,there was a PAS service bulletin which described the correct lenses for Pierce Arrow automobiles.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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