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    Need left and right headlight lenses for 1936 Pierce-Arrow 1601.


    I believe these are the easiest of the headlamp lenses to find for Pierce.

    Numbers are Multibeam 919661 (left) and 919662 (right).

    These are the same lenses as used on 1936 Oldsmobile, and as such are fairly common. Be careful of anyone asking very high prices for them.


    I have no experience with this company but the do have the lenses that Dave C. suggested. They are located in the Denver area.

    http://vapinc.com Look under lenses.

    Bob L.


    It is amazing what you may find on a regular trawl of eBay. Especially now that Dave C has elucidated on the details.

    Good Luck



    Interesting update, these lenses are now listed in the “Parts and Services”” directory…..”


    Hi All, the numbrs are corrrect, but NOT ALL 36 OLDS cars used this lens, thus you must use the part number to buy them, they are not easy to find anymore, as the lens guys have a waiting list for them when I checked in with them a few months ago. While not the crazy prices of the other year lenses, they are not “cheap”” by any means. Ed”

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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