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    Can someone tell me which Pierce these may fit? I have two sets of headlght lenses. Set number one, I think fit series 80. They say Bausch & Lomb Opt Co Rochester NY in a circular fashion at the top below the word TOP and Bausch & Lomb at the bottom over the word STAR. They are 8 5/16 inches in diameter. Set number two, I hvae no idea. They have Bausch & Lomb Opt Co Rochester NY in a circular patern at the top but no writing at the bottom. Thnne at the top than the bottom, heavy glass with sort of fluted grooves running vertical. These appear to be 9 1/8 inches in diameter. Thanks for any info you can provide. Tom Abbott


    Tom, I hope someone corrects me if I’m wrong, but following is information received from former member Roy Judd several years ago on Pierce-Arrow’s use of B&L headlight lenses 1921-1928:

    • 1921 Series 32 9-1/4″

    • 1922-1925 Series 33 9-1/4″

    • 1924-25 Series 80 8-3/8″


    • 1926 Series 33 9-1/4″ STAR

    • 1926-27 Series 80 8-3/8″ STAR

    • 1927-28 Series 36 9-1/4″ STAR

    • 1928 Series 81 8-1/8″ STAR

    All P-A cars 1926-1928 used B & L STAR lenses, which have a flat center panel and the “star” logo at the bottom. The ‘STAR’ and non-‘STAR’ LENSES are interchangeable if the same diameter. The judges may spot whether STAR or non-STAR is appropriate for a given car.

    Your 8-5/16 lens may actually be a nominal 8-3/8, and your 9-1/8 lens may actually be a nominal 9-1/4. On the other hand, B&L made similar lenses of different sizes for other makes of cars during the period.

    George Teebay


    As always, thanks George. Looks like I have a 21 Series 32 or 1922-1925 Series 33 set of headlight lenses. Any history out there on the value, I am cleaning out car parts and either need to buy a car that uses these or sell them. I think the second option would be the safer option with my wife since I already have several cars waiting for my “next restoration”” plus I am in the middle of one right now. Tom Abbott”

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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