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    Made for Pierce.


    The filaments should be in a vertical plane.The #1000 bulb is what you want and you want to bring the sockets into focus where you have a good beam.The low beam is the upper filament and the high beam is the lower filament.


    I’m confused. Right and left mean vertical alignment of the filaments to me. High and low means horizontal. Am I missing anything? Anyone have any pics?


    The filaments when looking into the headlight reflector would be horizontal

    but stacked vertically.A good way to understand this is to say look at the headlight from say a 1931 Ford A with the door removed or even say a 1931 Chevrolet.The beam when shifted from bright to dim or vice versa should go in an up and down motion not in a sideways position.The 1930 Pierce Arrow system is identical in design to the headlamps on virtually all US cars of that 1930-1931 period.If you look in a headlamp of this period with the door removed.You will note the positioning of the filaments.


    Who carries the gas sending units?

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)
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