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    My grandfather (Richard “Pete” Peterson) passed away ~20 years ago, and my Grandmother sold his prized Pierce-Arrow in the newspaper. I would like to track it down and need help narrowing down the year & model. Images attached.

    Any other tips in finding this car would be greatly appreciated. I would love to buy it back.

    Thank you,

    Jason Miller



    We have a Richard J. Peterson of Napa in our expired members database. It shows he joined in 1982. Unfortunately there is no car attached to his record.  Is this him?  The car looks like a 1933 836 or 1236. It’s hard to tell from the photo angle but it looks like a Club Brougham or possibly a Club Sedan.  Hopefully one of our long time members remembers him and might give you more information. Our car database is organized by serial number,so it would be very helpful to have that if you can find any old paperwork.



    It looks like a 1933 mode 836 club Sedan. Look through the member directory, sorted by year and model. Maybe you may be lucky to see your grandfathers name in the prior ownership section. Good luck!



    If your father is the person I mentioned above, I know where the car is now. Please confirm your father was Richard J. Peterson of Napa, CA and I will e-mail the information to you.   It is a 1933 836 Club Sedan.



    My mother’s father was Richard J Peterson of Napa, CA. Thank you.


    Sorry, your grandfather. The car is in CT. I found it digging through some old records. It was reportedly purchased in 1999, about the right timeline from your description. I don’t think it is for sale, but you can contact him and ask.  I will e-mail you his contact info.  Dave


    Yes, the car (1933 836 Club Sedan) is here in Connecticut. I bought it 1999. I was living in Michigan at the time. With the passing of your grandfather…who was known in West Coast PAS circles as a very hands-on guy…your grandmother did the right thing. She put a classified ad in The Emporium (1999 No. 7 – October). But she also advertised it in a local trader paper. When the club publication came out I called…but she indicated that it already (quickly) sold via the local ad. She told me who bought it, though. It was vintage car broker Tom Crook out of the Seattle, Washington area. One of his “spotter” friends saw the ad. The Emporium listing read as follows: “1933 Pierce-Arrow Model 836 Club Sedan, dark green and black, original inside, good paint, runs good. Has won 2nd and 3rd places at car show. Contact Mrs. Wanda Peterson, Napa, CA.” Other than new tires, it looks exactly as it did in 1999. Steven Rossi, Editor: The Arrow, 248-470-5788/[email protected]



    That is great that the car was located and is still in good shape.

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