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    Ok, I am a P-A member of more than a few years. I have never been able to attend Hershey due to work constraints. This year I may make the trip. I would like to challenge, those of us that do attend, to make postings here as to what Pierce-Arrow bits and pieces, (treasures) were found this year. I will absolutely suggest that our upkeep and restorations grind to a halt if we can’t find original parts or sources for reproduced items. Maybe some good information and contacts can be shared through your posting of pictures, new contacts and or parts found.



    Years ago you could walk Hershey and really make some good Pierce finds, today they are few and far between (of course Pierce Row has a lot of stuff, but I’m talking finding things from “outsiders”!).

    Still fun to look though. A couple of years ago I was in an area with next to no vendors, turned the corner and saw a glass display case, and inside a Pierce employee badge…it was soon in my pocket…so things are still to be found!

    Hope you get to go and enjoy!


    Well I made it through my first Hershey swap meet. It was a good time and good weather. By happenstance, I met up with several old car friends and made more new ones. The Pierce-Arrow tent was as good as they got. As for my finds, I did purchase, from a P-A guy, a pair of nice brass lamps for one of Pierce-Arrow’s big size competitors I own. Also found a #6 Buffalo wheel center I needed to move along on another “big” project. Wed. was a nice day at Hershey, how was the rest of the week? I couldn’t stay for the whole show. I did see a few Pierce-Arrow items, but nothing I needed for the 1935 1255 project. What were your success stories?



    Wednesday was by far the best day. Thursday morning was good, but once the rain started that afternoon, vendors and people started leaving. Friday morning I bet not one in 10 spots had merchandise on it, if that. On Wednesday walked a few rows over from my spot on the Green field, and darned if I didn’t find an early Pierce bicycle, judging from comparison of my other pre-1900 bike it’s definitely early, wooden rear fender and wood rims. Can’t find a serial number, any “secret” place to look?

    Glad you enjoyed your Hershey, Alan….

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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