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    It was great to see our friends at the meet, the PAS dinner on Thursday had a big turnout and was a joy. We hope that everyone had a safe trip home!



    Weather was great, and it was nice to see everyone. Thanks to Dave and all the volunteers at the tent.


    I’ve been going to Hershey for decades and enjoyed this year the most. Meeting some members from the Society and attending the dinner was a pleasure. Great group of people.

    Seeing a few other Pierces made me realize one is not enough…..


    I concur with all the sentiments expressed above.

    Jim, is was great to meet you, welcome. I also found it a wonderful experience how such a great car and group of enthusiasts can so quickly turn post-war car guys into pre-war car guys :)



    Ladies and Gents,

    Hershey is always an old car parts overload!

    Great weather and better friends who sat around telling stories (lies) and more stories (more, better lies – HA!).

    What a Crew!

    Thanks to Liz for organizing many things, including the very nice P-A calendar, and to Dave for everything else Pierce-Arrow.

    A few very nice P-A cars for sale. I hope they ALL sold.



    A great Hershey, the best weather and the best friends to visit!


    My first Hershey was great! It was great to see all the PAS folks!


    I missed the event this year. How about showing some pictures and share stories of that new-found part and what it will do for your restoration project? Some of us are stalled, on a project, for years while scrounging for a specific item and feel like a big game trophy hunter when finally the part is located and acquired!



    Well, I had a friend who frequents this forum (I won’t mention Bob Coates name, don’t want to embarrass him), who asked me to pick up a few things at Hershey for him.

    Pierce cap from museum, sure. Tool role from Karl, no problem. A Rat Fink…uh, what? A two foot tall, cast aluminum, painted, Rat Fink? Really!!

    Strangest thing I ever bought at Hershey!

    Of course, my big “find” was being able to hug my Pierce ice box, thanks to Stu and Greg!



    That is one RARE piece.

    It must have cost a King’s ransom.

    I also know someone who would likely pay a bunch for it.



    Now if I had the Rat Fink at my shop…I would be very inclined to keep busy. What a find……….. The Ice Box would be a nice item to put in the corner on display. Did you fellows, that were lucky to be at Hershey this year, notice much in the way of early Pierce Arrow, pre 1920 and how about early Locomobile of the same vintage?


Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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