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    Going back over thirty years, a number of Pas members have gathered together in the same area. When I first joined the group, Howard Ehmann was the caretaker of our flea market spots, later it was Freddy Tycher, I became the custodian probably ten years ago. I do not mean to imply that all the pas members are in our group, many others are happily vending and celebrating the phenomenon that is Hershey all over the flea market area. I am so happy that the society under David Steven’s tutelage has created such an incredible presence; especially when one considers the size of our club, compared to some others. Moreover, with the addition of John Ciselak and Ed Minnie under the same tent, and David Murray’s presence at the other end of the lineup, members are able to access more needed parts then ever before. I offer this discourse as a salute to the newer members of the club and the present board of directors for the progress this club has made, not only at Hershey, but in all the other areas in which the club serves its members. Sadly, the only way we are able to place more members in our Red field lineup, is to have someone pass away. Hopefully we will all be together for a long time. Tony


    Thanks Tony for doing your part in keeping the Hershey tradition alive. It was another great experience this year. Thanks to Bob Koch we were able to log in about 6,400 miles in less than eight days to make the trip possible.

    Dave Murray


    It was a great Hershey this year, and Dave’s PAS and Museum display was above and beyond the call as usual. He is truly an asset to the museum and club. Thanks Dave! PS Look what some one left on my car trailer!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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