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    Is it better for me to introduce my new ’25 Roadster at Hickory Corners at the PA Club Meet or the CCCA Meet in 2015?


    Hi Tom,

    Two great meets, two fantastic locations, a different mix of Pierces and PAS members, so why not plan on attending BOTH events with your new 80!

    Welcome to PAS, the very best group of old car people around!

    Stu Blair, Cincinnati, Ohio


    Sound advice Mr. Blair!


    Hi Tom, this year the National meet is in Buffalo Ny, The annual ‘Gathering at Gilmore’ will be in western Michigan with the last day’s events a Sunday morning show at the Pierce Arrow Museum at the Gilmore in Hickory Corners.

    I don’t know which CCCA event you might be referring to, maybe the ‘Classic Experience’ at the Gilmore in June?

    Hope to see you at the PAS events !!

    Greg Long



    I recommend using any excuse you can find to visit the Gilmore Car Museum as often as you can. It seems to be constantly growing and improving. Here’s my take on the actual events. First…come early AND often!

    If you don’t mind paying a ‘premium’ price to have a non-points judged beauty show trophy,the CCCA Museum “Experience” Show will be Sunday June 7. There will be lots of great cars. Their Saturday tour will be “Pierce style” (except for ‘premium’ price) because I am running their tours for them these days. I’ll make sure there will be at least one other Pierce-Arrow attending, but I caution that P-A’s are still largely under-appreciated by a lot of the CCCA crowd.

    The Society Annual Meet in Buffalo is the 21st to 25th of July. We’ll have great driving tours during the week and a point judged show on Saturday that offers serious – but helpful – judging and only deserved awards. Annual Meet costs are usually very reasonable. Pierce-Arrow people are the nicest, most helpful you can find anywhere.

    The Gathering at Gilmore August 20 TO 23 features 2 plus days of fun Pierce-style driving tours and an “entrant judged” show day at the Museum on Sunday. The resulting awards given there are at a level between the Annual Meet and the typical beauty contest. All related costs are inexpensive. I’ve been known to even undercharge sometimes.

    We hope you’ll also participate in Great Lakes Region events, with or without your beautiful ’25!



    That’s for the great explanation of the events Dave. I can tell you that the CCCA is not a very friendly, or helpful group of folks. Cold and stodgy. I’ve found that at CCCA events, the guy worth the most money always seems to get 100 points; regardless of the condition of the car. I’ve owned over 80 classic cars and I’m 54 years old. I started collecting at 25.I’ve made recommendations to the CCCA board regarding attracting younger members, but because I look 35, and dress like I’m 25; no one listens. But that’s okay, because 10 years from now I’ll still be alive and buying their cars from their widows.



    I won’t dispute your CCCA generalization! I do have a few very good friends who are very active in CCCA…but we’ve not become friends at CCCA events. I attend the “Experience” because it’s at Gilmore, I read the magazines, but I devote my time to PAS and a couple other more friendly clubs. I’ve been a member of CCCA and the Michigan Region for 19 years. At the request of some of those good friends, I did all the tour routes and much of the venue arrangements for the 10 day 1300 mile Caravan in Michigan in September. While the committee gave me a nice thank you plaque, the Michigan Region “Torque” magazine listing the Michigan members on the tour omitted me and our 1936 “Percy Pierce”. Of course that may have been because not many of them could keep up with our reliable cruiser. Pierce-Arrows were made to be driven! We mostly hung out with PAS members Terry & Rita Ernest and Gordon & Fannie Linkletter. Some nights I stayed at more reasonably priced hotels and ate at better restaurants for less money. One notable exception: recent CCCA President David Schultz is a really nice guy. I’m pleased that he further demonstrated that when he upgraded to a Pierce-Arrow and joined the Society. And he drives it!

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