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    Photo # 2. Further comment—I checked with the English experts if the J Type unit which were fitted to Volvos, Triumphs, MGB, etc, would be up to the task of 125 hp & 5000 lb Pierce-Arrow. His comment was that they fit them to V12 Turbo Bentleys with 500 plus hp without any problem of clutch slipage in the O/D unit!!!


    Forty years back I had a heavily hopped up TR-4 that put out almost 200 HP to the wheels on a dyno. The Laycock was a delight to use and showed no sign of trouble despite the constant youthful abusive use to which it was subjected. Use on my other Brits during the 60’s & 70’s was similarly uneventful.

    Sell the Bray gears to a foolish chap who isn’t a club member!



    G’day Dave

    Thank you for your PRACTICAL advice!! The sales advice could be controversial!! BUT useful!! I’m the foolish chap who bought the gears recently!! What the heck—-Learning NEW skills at 75 years is good for me!-Cheers


Viewing 3 posts - 21 through 23 (of 23 total)
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