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    On my 1934 840A I have a very nice horn and light bracket on the right side of the radiator. On the left, I am stumped. I have two very nice chrome brackets, each a bit different, plus some kind of home made unit that is rough…..none of these fit the holes in the radiator & fender.

    Dave Murray thinks one is a 1933 bracket…..but the other is wrong also.

    Any ideas ????



    Any chance that you could post a picture or 2 so we can see what you are describing?

    Chris Diekman


    My computer somehow won’t do that…..can I send a few photos to someone who is successful posting ??



    I will try for you. [email protected]



    Here are Richard’s 3 photos


    here is 2


    Here is 3


    The horn/light bracket that is open on the bottom is for a 1933 car. The bracket that is closed on the bottom is for a 1934/1935 car.


    Paul…….that is what I thought, but there is at least 1″ of misalignment if I bolt this bracket to the fender…..the holes on the radiator are 1″” off…..??? The other side of the car line up very nicely……???



    Sounds like your car has sometime in it’s life had a fender bender. It does not take much of a change at the fender to move the other end of the bracket off line at the radiator. One side being right points to this. Cheers



    Keep in mind, the 836A and the 840 will not interchange.–Bob


    I don’t see any signs of a fender bender. The car has original paint and there is no evidence the fender is bent. How do I tell the difference between an 840A & a n 836A bracket ??


Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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