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    I have three options for the drivers side horn bracket on my 1934 840A.

    None of them fit. A & B are not bent correctly so the holes don’t line up. C is shaped just right to make the holes line up, but its 1″ too short. Does anyone know what is going on here. The bracket on the passenger side fits just fine….??

    I appreciate the help…..Rich Anderson”


    Here is another photo of the underside of these brackets.


    Richard, Greg Long had a pile of them for sale at the Pierce Meet. Give him a call he may have the one you need. Karl


    Thanks, I’ll do that. When I figure out which one that is…..



    I think they are the same as my ’33, which is A. Do any of the holes line up? If so which ones. I assume that the 2 hole side (radiator side) lines up? My guess is the finder bracket or frame is tweeked.



    Bill……the radiator holes do not line up when the fender holes are in line. Bracket C lines up perfectly but is 1″ too short. The other brackets are long enough, but when the fender holes are in alignment, the radiator holes are off at the radiator shell ???

    Both fenders are level with each other….so do not seem to be tweeked.

    Very perplexing….


    Could C have been shortened on pupose to fit a modifird fender? It looks like it has been ‘messed with’ from the picture you sent.



    I think you have very sharp eyes. I don’t think that there is room to mount the horn under the C bracket



    Looking closely at bracket C……it has been cut,& welded….probably shortened. It is exactly what I need but 3/4″ short when mounted on the fender. Anyone have a good 1934-35 drivers bracket that will work ??



    Bill……your right, I need the left (drivers) side bracket



Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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