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    Help I am in the process of doing cooling system on 1930 edl 8 cyl. and need to know and find correct hose clamps for this engine. does anyone know what they look like and are they available? Thanks R.A.


    Restoration Supply (should be in vendors file) has both the old banded type and the ‘wire’ type. The wire type is the most accurate, but I believe that both are seen so often that you could get by with either. Maybe a ‘judge’ will respond.


    The wire type is shown in the parts book and factory photos…



    You can get double-wire clamps from McVey’s in Kansas, 913-722-0707.


    Another vendor is Kenneth Johnson of Carmel, IN, who sells on eBay under the username kjcarmel. He has them polished and lacquered. He has the sizes — just tell him the ID of your hose.

    It seems to me that the stick hose available in the last few years has a smaller outside diameter (OD) than the stick hose of a few years ago. Suggest you also measure the **OD** of your hose stock and provide that as well.

    However, I’ve found that lacquering does not hold up well, and they get pretty funky within a year. I’ve had better luck with polishing regular galvanized 2-wire clamps on a buffer, then spraying them with clear ENAMEL out of a rattle-can from the hardware store.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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