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    I have a ’35 gearbox. So with MBS’s engine and $90K x 2 or 3, you too can have a Napa wine country tour bus. You can even have a Pierce Ice Box on board to keep everything cool.


    Hi all,

    I spoke to the owner of the bus today. He told me that he is an antique bus restorer. He restored a “White”” bus for a lady as a gift for her husband. The cost was around $700k. He believes the pierce bus would be around the same price.

    He is hoping he can sell the bus and restore it for the new owner.”


    If one is considering buying the Bus they will certainly want to have this brochure on ebay.


    And I am hoping I can find one of the missing ’33 Silver Arrows in a local junk yard. Let me know if that woman needs a new husband.


    I suppose you have seen this before (Wawona 1935).


    That photo is awesome. :)


    Unfortunately gone in ’69

Viewing 7 posts - 21 through 27 (of 27 total)
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