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    What is the trick to painting the hub caps on the 1930’s PA’s. I did the pierce and the arrow just fine but can’t make the three black rings look good. I painted the black around the pierce and then wipped over it with a paper towel roll slightly soaked with solvent, this cleaned it up very nice. But the rings don’t work so well as they are on a slope. Thanks again Doug Vogel



    What kind of paint are you using? It can make a difference. I have used “One Shot” brand sign painter’s paint in the yellow can. This paint self levels and goes on pretty nicely, smoothly and predictably. You can find it at art stores or on the internet. Beyond that, I used a adhesion promoter on the chrome of the hub cap skin. This gives the paint a little “tooth” to stick to without having to somehow rough up the surface. Use a fine camel hair brush, a lot of light, and maybe some magnification so that you can clearly see the boundary and the “walls” of the indented rings. Take your time, and yes, it takes a steady hand. However, when you are done, they really add a nice touch to your car.

    Happy Motoring,




    Thanks for the advice. I will try the better paint, brush etc. And someone in the family with a steader hand. The paint I was trying to use was an automotive touchup paint from the local PPG dealer. It works well on the word pierce but not on the rings. Again, thanks for the help, Doug


    HI Doug,

    Don’t know if you are using a small block of wood with the paper towel wrapped around it or not but, I’ve had fairly good success that way.

    Have Fun,



    Thanks Rick, I don’t know what I would have done the last 9 years of restoration work on this 1247 without this web site and you guys advice. I will try the block of wood . I was using a mostly used up roll of paper towels. Thanks again Doug


    I use nail polish as it seems to last longer and is easier to work with.


    Thanks Ed, I just used my wifes nail polish in a stainless container and it does flow very well,wipes to a straight line, and is thick. And no she does not have black. I will ad this to my list to try. Thanks Doug

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