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    This is Geneva Blue from a ’37 Cord. Can’t find the paint code though. Any help? This what I think I want to paint my ’25 Series 80 Roadster.

    tom griffith 608-212-8774 [email protected]


    You might contact Auburn Cord Parts in Wellington Kansas, they should have the paint code. The Geneva Blue on a Cord was actually a rare factory color.



    Call Art at the link below. I think he can get you the IM code. He is working on ’33 colors for me.



    Awesome color! Every time I think I have the color for my pharton I think of another combination. It’s way tougher than I thought.



    You might also try here.



    Here are the IM color code ranges.



    I looked it up and there is a Geneva Blue under the Code IM 63.

    TCP should be able to convert that to a formula I would think.


    Looks very similar to Rolls-Royce’s Seychelles blue from the Silver shadow era: one of my favorites.

    Your car will be beautiful I am sure.


    A gray leather interior goes great with that color, a few Cords were done that way, and if I ever reworked my Cord phaeton that’s the color scheme I’d use…


    I almost like the IM65 Venezia Blue better from the color chart above. Thoughts?


    Tom, I started with a modern factory color, then tinted it seven time to get the right shade. It’s an almost impossible task, time and money……….but 25 years later I still like it. Take your time, get a feel for it. Spray a 2 x 2 foot panel. Take it outside and in. Sunny day and cloudy. Dusk and mid day. Look at it a while. It will come to you. Ed.


    A friend who was a very talented at auto finishes recommended viewing a large sample of a color in the daylight. Chips can be deceiving. He would get a hood from a wrecked car, buy a pint of the color and spray the hood. This will give a truer feel for the color.


    Go to a large body shop and ask to look at the pages of fleet colors. This book will provide you with a gradual shade change in each color. When you find the exact color, you will then have a code that can be mixed, now and ten years from now. Have used this method for years.


    Thank you everyone for your comments on choosing a color for the Roadster. I assure you, when it’s done will be one of the finest there is. This car is completely rust free and in near original condition with just 33,000 original miles. The top and seats were done in 1948 and still look brand new. The engine is this car has never been pulled and doesn’t leak a drop.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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