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    I’m looking at buying a………..


    Someone help me! Dr. Peter! Please I need a pill to cure this ill!


    Ed: Drive one. That cured me.


    A model 110, 6 cylinder? :)


    My ’38 Super 8 drives like a dream! Easy to steer, smooth shifting. A lot of the earlier ones suffer from being worn out in the front end, when the restorer thinks everything is “good enough”….the later 120’s are great cars although not Full Classics…..

    What year/model/body are you looking at, Ed?


    Rube Goldberg’s children were the designers of the Packard valve lifter systems. They are the most unnecessarily complicated mechanisms ever put into production. They roughly have 4x to 8x the wearing parts as a Pierce Arrow valve lifter system.

    In order to remove any one of the three valve lifter ‘silencer’ assemblies from a Packard V12, you have to remove both cylinder head, all the valves and springs, and using a slide hammer yank the valve guides out of the cylinder block. THEN you can remove a silencer assembly and clean it in order for it to work again. They tend to collect sludge and get clogged up, they do not have pressurized, heated and filtered oil to keep the mechanism clean. I’m 100% serious !!

    The straight 8 engine isn’t as bad, but it’s still a very complicated system with 4x as many moving parts as the very simple Pierce system, either the manual adjusting, or the Hydraulic automatic silent lifers.



    Greg, I’ve been inside both Packard and Pierce engines, 8’s, as many of us have been, and you are absolutely 100% correct. I don’t understand why Packard had all that monkey motion assembly, when there were so much simpler and better alternatives.

    Packard had some great styling, but I’ll take Pierce mechanicals any day…



    What brought on this trauma? Did you fall & hit your head? The start of a mid-life crisis maybe? A Packard instead of a little red Corvette?

    On January 15th, why don’t you fly out to Scottsdale, AZ & drive home this ’33 1247 LeBaron convertible sedan instead?


    What year and model Packard are you considering?




    Yikes that’s a beautiful car….jealous of the new-to-be owner, but gotta be happy with what I have too!

    Bet one of Ed’s Pierce’s will refuse to start, if it sees him driving a Packard…..


    I’m giving Ed the benefit of the doubt on this one-I suspect he’s eyeing an amazing ‘custom’ barn find and he makes all the publication with this one.

    We’ll have to see!



    I’m concerned that you’ve lost too much weight. You seem to be a couple cards short of a full deck. A Packard….REALLY?




    The Meds are in the mail!



    Can’t spill the beans just yet, but if it comes to pass I will post a photo of the car when we get it. I will admit to this…… we landed what may be the most important Pierce to come out of the garage in the past 40 years. It’s going to make a great Arrow story so I will play my half a deck of cards I’m playing with close to the vest. It’s been an interesting fall looking at cars. John Cislak bought what must be one of the best all original cars in the club, a 29 7 passenger. I’ll post photos next week.


    >> Ed: Drive one. That cured me.

    Tony— You mean you didn’t like my car?


    I knew you were on to something awesome :)

    You go Eddy!


    Scott, I was thinking of the very original 1947 Custom Super Clipper I had for a couple of years. I ran it through the AACA for HPOF certification, but found I just always kept choosing to drive my Pierce so the Packard never got to go out and play very often.


    There are a very few that start every time, depending on the mood of the driver, and have no front end rattles. :)


    I must confess, all the weight loss has affected me in many unusual ways. I recently bought this car home. I always wanted a 1915 Pierce Arrow touring car. It was a “steal” for a Pierce open car. It isn’t quite as fast as I thought it would be. And for some reason I can’t figure how to use the self starter. And it seems to have a few extra foot controls. Any comments would be helpful. (Yes, I really did buy this car.)


    Interesting, your ’15 Pierce Model 66 7 pass touring has the rare New York City headlights.

    Well, if that’s your new Pierce, this must be the “mid-life crisis”” PACKARD that you’re keeping us all in suspense over until next week…


    That’s a terrific new Pierce you got , Ed. I had one just like it and toured it for 9 years. I only let it go (under duress)a couple of years ago when we decided to downsize to one location. As for figuring out those extra pedals, well let’s just say the first couple of weeks driving it were pretty exciting. Kind of like having one’s own personal carnival ride. You can solve the slow speed problems by dropping in a modern KC Warford unit. That gives you 6 speeds forward and 3 in reverse, which can really get to be fun! As for the “self-starter”, it’s actually called a “your-self starter”.


    Ok, here is a peek at John’s new toy. A 29 7 passenger with all factory paint and chrome. The wire wheels have been repainted. Inside it’s as nice as I have ever seen. I’ll post more photos in a few days.

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