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    I have an opportunity to buy a rebuilt 8 cyl. engine which I am told is from a 1934 Pierce, but don’t know if it is from an 840 or 836A. The number is 707 747 n 214. Can anyone identify the engine from those numbers and tell me from which model it came?


    Looking at our Roster,’34 836A’s engine numbers all have 240,xxx and

    no n with 3 numbers after it

    840’s start with 305,xxx and no n with 3 numbers after it(with the

    exception of 2 other listed cars).

    I put the x’s to illustrate numbers,they are not actually part of

    the engine numbers.I used the 2005 edition of the Roster.

    I looked 1934 to 1938 and could find no 707 number sequence.P.A.

    put straight 8 engines in busses,trucks,railroad motor cars(?),etc.

    Also,Seagraves(fire trucks)used a close proximity of one.

    Could this engine be from other than an automobile?


    I don’t know. I was told it was from a 1934 Pierce. The owner bought this with a number of other, clearly identifiable Pierce parts as part of a restoration project which hasn’t been completed. He sid he took the number from the block. Louis


    That could be the casting number and not the serial number. Where on the block is the number you gave us located?




    I agree with Bill, these are likely the raised numbers of the part number cast into the block on the driver’s side of the block, down by the starter.

    I did a little research and found that the block part number that would be cast in raised letters for the 836A Block was 705417. The P/N for the 840A and 845 Block was 705418.

    The “N 214” may be the casting date code that was also cast into the block. “N”, I believe decodes to “1933”, and 214 may mean Feb 14 as the actual casting date. However, these characters would have been separated by dashes….like N-2-14, if this really was the casting date.

    The actual Engine number is stamped in a small rectangular area on the driver’s side of the block, between cylinders 4 and 5, above the water jacket plate, at the top edge of the block, just below the cylinder head joint.

    Any chance you can get the stamped Engine number, or perhaps a picture of the engine, and confirm the location of the numbers that were given above?

    Happy Motoring,



    Because the engine is so far away, I cannot give you the location of the numbers, but I will inquire. I also have given the Seller your information where to look for the stamped Engine number. Hopefully, I will have this information by tomorrow. Louis


    Thanks to all of you for your help. I have identified the engine. It is from a 1934 836A.


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