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    Does anyone have a source for the ignition coils used on the 8 and V-12 cylinder cars for 1936-1938? I did see an ad, a year or so ago, that an outfit in New England (?) had reproduced these. I’m pretty sure that Packards, of this vintage, used this same coil. Any help would be a ppreciated.



    Here is a note I just found in my 1247 restoration log from e-bay 2005. Coil for 1936 12 cyl. pierce arrow part no. 1854015 Delco remy New The Atwater Kent mfg. Co. Phone 508-792-9500 $ 80.00 Hope this helps Doug Vogel


    I have found it best to use brand new coils on these cars. I have had two coils from this Atwater-Kent co. for my ’38 Cadillac V-16. The car missed badly after driven and warmed up. They were going to replace them the next time they made this type of coil. That was 5 years ago and I have heard nothing. I also tried some new old stock coils and had the same problem. I put on a set of new coils from my Car Quest dealer and the problem went away, the car runs well!

    Terry Wenger


    Thank You Doug and Terry. Ed Minnie called shortly after I posted this request with the Atwater/Kent information. I called, left a message, and in due time “Mike” (at Atwater) returned my call. The coils have jumped up in price from the price Terry quoted, they are now $175.00 each. Mike talked me out of the purchased by saying he thought my problem was due to resistors. At the PAS Meet I talked to Bill Morris about my problem, he said I should try an “Olan” #312-0256 resistor. I ordered a couple and will be installing them shortly. Hope it works!


    Bob, thanks for the update. Let us know if the new resistor does the trick!


    I am not all that well informed on coils, what is the difference between the over the counter coils and the Atwater $175. coils ? $80.to $175. in five years is quite a jump. Some retailers see $$$ when you say Pierce Arrow.


    Correct PA coils have a wire running out the bottom of the coil. Modern replacments look ok, but the big bad judge will dock you points for the wrong style……. :-)


    The new resistors/condensers did the trick. The car runs like it should. So far, so good! The package containing the Olan resistors were maked “Cummins””. I would imagine one could order these (over the counter) from your local Cummins dealer/parts outlet.”



    The coils for your 1933, (1934, ’35, Models-same) can be bought “over the counter” at most N.A.P.A. stores. Like Ed stated, the 1936 through 1938 coils are quite a bit different with the ignition wire coming out of the bottom of the coil.


    Thanks Ed and Bob for the education on 33 to 36 coils. Doug

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