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    My 1930 132 hp motor is apart and needs complete rebuilding. I want to go to insert bearings. My machinist would like to know what rods, pins and pistons work for this change. I checked the archives 1970-2000 and found only one reference (97-3) to this change and he recommended some Buick rods, but the reference was vague and not detailed enough. Any one have any experience or recommendations? My other choice is to send my rods and block to Effingham machine for rebabbitting. I have heard good comments about their work but I would rather go more modern.


    It’s very big money to convert the early pierce eight rods to inserts. It can be done, but the rods must be welded, ground, machined, and balanced. Figure 250 a hole or more. If late model rods are used, and I am not sure if they fit, you can have them machined for inserts and the bearing for around 150 each. Babbitt will run around 125 last time I priced it. Call John Cislak and he can tell you about it. He converted Bob Dluhy’s 31 to inserts. He also is set up to do the late style rods on an exchange basis. His number is 413-543-9017


    Hi- I put inserts in my ’31 Pierce engine, lost track of time, 6 or more years ago. At the time there was a place in California (not Egge) that did them for $125 per rod, which I thought was reasonable. I believe it’s the right thing to do, particularly when modern drivers tend to go a little faster on the highway……


    Hi Jim,

    Member Eric Rosenau (at his restoration shop in southern Calif.) welded and machined my original rods for my 1933 Eight over 30 years ago. I can’t remember what inserts we used (Oldsmobile?), but he could tell you. Been fine ever since. Give him a call.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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