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    Im looking for a set or any single parts of inside window moldings for the 1933 pierce 836 club brougham. Mine were in a storage building that caught on fire. I dont know if I can save them? . I believe that the front and rear frames are the same on all sedans of 836 and 1236 in 1933. The club brougham has 43 inch front doors and two small side windows. Thanks for any help. Regards, Richard.


    I have measured the width of the doors and windows on a club brougham and a sedan and the only window in common is the smaller rear window. The brougham’s single door on each side is wider than either of the sedan’s door.


    Hi David, Thanks for the info. It looks like the inside window moldings for the Front w/s and rear window and small window on the side of the sedans are the same as the club brougham. The front doors on the club brougham are very large. Regards Richard.


    Hi Again, David, are the window moldings for the Front w/s and the back window at the rear of the car( not the doors) the same on both the sedan and the club brougham? Thanks Richard.


    The back window and trim are the same. The front windshield appears to be the same for the brougham, sedan, 7 pass. sedan according to the 1933 PA parts book.


    Thanks David, This board is a great help for the new members . Building the Pierce-Arrow from the bone yard is almost a impossible task. Thank you all.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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