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    I am in need of a interior door handle for my 1925 Series 80.

    http://[email protected]



    Specifically, what do you need?

    Is your Series 80 a closed or open car?

    Do you need the pull handle for closing the door (sits in the middle of the door just below the window) or the flipper handle that opens the door?

    If the latter, do you need the screw-down nut and lock button that sits inside the entire unit?

    Finally, do you need the internal door mechanism?




    Thank you for your response. I have an 80 Series Closed 5 Passenger Sedan.

    What I need is the one in the middle of the door that you described. It is held on

    by two screws. I don’t need anything else for the Door Handle.

    Do you by chance have a Crank Cover also?

    Thank you,

    Ken Arritt

    [email protected]


    Hello Ken,

    I made up a number of nickel plated aluminum crank covers a few years back.

    I still have one or two. They are very nice and will do the job well.

    Be in touch with me via direct email for details and pics.

    Also, I am going to my storage unit today, so I will look to see if I have an extra interior pull handle.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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