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    My model 1703 molded firewall cover came from Quiet Ride Solutions. www. ph 209-942-4777


    I bought my firewall insulator from Quietride

    solutions for my 29. I was disappointed when I got it. It was not like the original. Only half as thick and the material they used was not correct. For what I paid for it I really expected more.



    I bought one from Quietride for our 1934 convertible, and am quite pleased with it. They obviously don’t use the old cardboard material that disintegrates over the years. They form to the correct contour out of an abs (I believe) plastic, backed with compressed fabric and aluminum foil insulation.

    But is has an original embossed pattern, and holes in the right places.

    You can get black (which was too shiny for me – although they can dull it down), dark brown (which I did, and matched old color pretty well) or many other colors. The color, however, is just paint and will wear off if subjected to lots of rubbing.

    Nearly impossible to duplicate for the price. I also bought several layers of insulation material from them to replace the kapok between the two firewalls that had turned to dust.

    When replacing the insulator on my ’34, I found that the screws that hold the insulator go into nuts behind the interior firewall (not through to the exterior firewall). These nuts are inaccessible to hold unless you remove the outer firewall. If your ’37 is the same (I don’t know), you’ll have a helluva job removing and reinstalling. Since I had my exterior firewall out (to freshen up while the engine was out) I could cut the nuts off the rusty screws. I then enlarged the screw holes in the interior firewall, and installed press-in captive nuts, never to have the problem again.



    Thanks guy,s I will get in touch with quiet ride and see what they have? Again regards Michael Sulpizio.

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