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    After a long day’s drive on Friday, September 26 (including battling LA traffic during rush hour on I-5) from San Diego to Sonora, CA, we enjoyed a relaxing evening in our motel room. Saturday we headed off to Murphys, CA, to the Ironstone Concours d’Elegance. Beautiful country although you can really see the drought damage.

    The Concours was great! Three of the Pierces were down by the ‘lake’ surrounded by trees – nice shade in the hot afternoon sun.

    Congratulations to Larry & Leona Seidell who won an Award of Merit for their 1924 Pierce-Arrow Runabout and George Teebay who won Best in Class for his 1925 Pierce-Arrow Series 80 4-passenger coupe. Bob & Nancy Jacobsen brought their 1934 Pierce-Arrow 840 Convertible Coupe and Pat Craig had his 1909 Pierce-Arrow Race Car entered.

    Also in attendance with other marques were Al Abrahamson, Butch & Sue Marcione, Shel Ball, and Ev & Gus Young. We also saw Tony Costa who was enjoying the exquisite vehicles on display.

    Mike & Pat McCumber


    Second photo.


    Third photo.


    Last photo.


    Ironstone is about the only show I go to. Beautiful grounds, old gold country area, laid back, a very wide range of makes and vintages, race cars but no hot rods more or less, and even has trailers, commercial and motorcycles. This year was the smallest showing of Pierces I’ve seen there, so a special thanks for driving your car up, it was great seeing it!

    Maybe some year I’ll be able to drive mine there. Jim


    Due to our small allotted space this year, PAS NorCal Region did not have its usual canopy / open tent, with a cooler of cold drinks. We are usually parked on the first tier above the paved Friday night dinner area. I wish you guys had hunted us down and said howdy. Bob Jacobsen, Larry Seidell, Greg Long, and I were all judges (for other classes, of course), and that kept us away from our vehicles until nearly noon. If anyone plans on coming in future years, let Bob or me know and we’ll tell you about the group dining opportunities on Friday and Saturday evenings. Ironstone is always the fourth Saturday in September, and seeks to provide a relaxing end-of-season event.

    There were 361 vehicles approved, an all-time high, but there seemed to be greater than the usual 10 percent of no-shows of accepted vehicles.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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