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    Here is the link, just click on it and it will run. You must watch a 15 second advertisement. Ed



    Thanks Ed,

    Very nice.

    I wonder how long it’ll be before he buys his? Seems he was impressed!



    The Nethercutt Model A (dark blue)had a number of authenticity liberties taken during its restoration many years ago. For example, apparently to be able to use P-A wheels and hubcaps (rather than the Chev/GMC truck 14-spoke artillery wheels which are correct), the restorers put a P-A solid front axle dropped about 6 inches under the trailer, which makes it stand 6-12″ too tall. Travelodges were all independently sprung with tubular leading arms and 1/4-elliptic trailing arms–which make them tow especially well. The wood is, I think, too dark and has a high-gloss lacquer finish which photographs beautifully and looks great so long as you don’t remain inside for more than 3 minutes, after which the glare REALLY gets to you. The Servel gas refrigerator is a nice period piece but is not authentic to the Travelodge.

    Mr. Leno did not seem to understand that the Model B shown at Pebble is a 85-90%-original condition barn find. The matte aluminum finish on that trailer had been clear-coated. The wood in that trailer is dark from age of the finish, as they all seem to get.



    Funny that Jay dosen’t own a Pierce Arrow as far as I can see.


    JB’s trailer was a total loss when he found it. He took some liberties on the restoration. The 37 1603 Limo restoration did not impress me either. Ed

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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