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    I ran across a short piece describing a 1931 dual-cowl phaeton which was rescued from the Kennedy gold mine in California and restored some years ago. Seems there was a mystery as to why someone took a dozer and shoved the car into the mine just before it was closed in the early 1940s. I wondered if any further information was ever found about this?


    Interesting. Never heard of it until now, although I’m sure the old hands of the PAS are very familiar with it.

    Chicago Vintage has always been interesting, seems they come up with some great cars, and a few years ago I remember that a car would come up, seemingly for sale from them, then all of a sudden it wasn’t for sale.

    The bracket headlight ’32 convertible sedan that they show was, I believe, the one restored by my late friend B.B. Crump from Baton Rouge. I had a chance to buy the car before he restored it, but the bracket headlights made me hesitate too long….


    Dave is correct, that is the car you are asking about. Only the very rear of the car was crushed.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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