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    For all of you that were unable to attend, a few photos from Kerrville.

    Luckenbach, TX


    LBJ Ranch


    Atwell Collection


    Outside Atwell Collection


    Dinner in San Antonio


    Wish I were there, stuck working in the garage this week, such is life. My best to all friends I missed this week. I will see you at Hershey or PAS 2017. Ed


    I’m in the same boat as Ed, stuck in my garage, miss seeing everyone and know that y’all will have a great time…my best to all..David C.


    Somebody I know won 1st in class with his fine 36 Touring. Congrats David and Donna!

    We enjoyed the week with you in Kerrville.

    John and Sue


    Thanks John. We had a great time. We really enjoyed the tours and the car ran flawlessly. The trophy was a complete surprise.


    Car Show on Friday


    Connie and I want to thank Ben Oakes, Bill and Pam Crumrine, and everyone else who put on such a superb event. We had such a great time. I haven’t enjoyed a car show this much in a long time. Much of my enjoyment came because Chris and Judi Nichols VERY kindly fulfilled my February Forum request by bringing their lovely Series 81, letting me learn all about it.

    Thank you again to all who worked so hard and made this such a wonderful meet.


    Well said Dean, I agree 100%


    I also want to thank all the organizers for the great job they did. We had a wonderful time. Everyone could not have been friendlier. Only my second annual meet but it just keeps getting better.



    I agree, all of the organizers did a great job.

    A few more pictures of the show.


    and another…


    Jane Smith in her and Merlin’s Weis Trophy winner 1931 Model 43 Convertible Coupe.


    Last one, for now anyway.


    I had a great time at my FIRST Pierce-Arrow meet! Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make it great: can’t wait for next year! It was special to see so many of the very best at one time. I met so many new friends!

    Thanks also to Merlin and Jane Smith for my first ride in a rumble seat!


    Kudos and many thanks to Ben and the Texas Meet team. We thoroughly enjoyed the Hill Country again. And, Dave, that is a good looking 1703 in your pics!


    A hearty thanks to Ben Oakes, Bill Crumrine and all their foot soldiers.

    I’ll never forget the Alamo, the boat ride through downtown San Antonio,

    the largest restaurant(by far)this elderly member has ever eaten at in

    his life! The LBJ Ranch and Park were beautiful and The Pacific War

    Museum is a must see. It was great to see so many first time and younger

    faces. The afterglow of the Meet has me preparing my ’34 836A for a parade this weekend. Without the dedication of Ben and Bill and their

    supporters, I’d probably be in a rocking chair on the back porch!


    Well said Tony. It was nice to see you again and having you at our banquet table!

    Best-John and Sue

Viewing 20 posts - 1 through 20 (of 20 total)
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