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    K&N (permanent oiled air filter, clean and re-oil periodically) filter no. E-3380 will replace the cage containing the copper mesh in your air cleaner for 8-cylinder cars with EE-3 Stromberg carburetors–i.e., 1933-38.

    For those of us who tour, the K&N is far more efficient as a filter than the original equipment (OE). The K&N needs cleaning and re-oiling far less frequently than the OE cage/mesh. For judging, the K&N can be replaced with the original cage/mesh element in less than five minutes.

    To install, just remove the two acorn nuts securing the end cover, then remove the original-equipment cage as if you were going to clean and re-oil it. Substitute the K&N filter for the cage, install the end cover and get the acorn nuts started. Unlike the cage, the K&N has no guide or locating holes for orienting the new filter to the body of the air cleaner and to the end cover, so you must adjust the K&N filter to the flange on the air cleaner metal body, and then the end cover to the filter, to ensure proper sealing on both ends. That’s why you should get the acorn nuts started before commencing the final positioning.

    You may need to re-adjust the carburetor idle adjustment screws after the installation, but I found that only a very slight adjustment was necessary.

    I have not tried this same K&N filter on a V-12 air cleaner, but it might work. If anyone knows whether the OE cage/mesh unit on an 8 interchanges with that of a 12, please post that information. If 8s and 12s use the same cage/mesh unit, then the E-3380 will also work on a 12.

    Do not expect your friendly K&N dealer (most auto parts stores) to have an E-3380 in stock. You will likely have to special-order it. My cost was $38.65 including shipping.


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