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    There is an Landaulet body on ebay. It looks similar to the 1909 24L on page 40 of the black Automobile Quarterly Vol28 No. 4. Just passing on info, no ties.


    That’s a very interesting body, even though he has it listed numerous times on Ebay (a strange tactic?). I don’t like people who constantly say “gee, if it were closer”, but I’m one of those people on this body…would love to fit it on the 1910 Hudson that I have that’s missing it’s fore-door roadster body, and it’s a 110 inch wheelbase so would fit. I can’t seem to sell the Hudson as-is, but this body would make it a real car!


    Does anyone have any information about the body maker of this Landaulet body?

    The name plate shown on the Ebay auction shows Belmore, McDougall, Morees Co. Portland Oregon.

    I’m thinking this looks more like a horse=drawn carriage than a motor vehicle?

    Greg Long

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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