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    Over the last 16 years I have seen only a few original lap robes come up for sale, usually at rather high prices. There is a beautiful one on ebay right now which is draped over the hood of a Pierce Arrow. I would love to have one in my 1933 1247 ,but question using an original for fear of too much wear on the old fabric. My sister in law has a quilting machine which does the nicest work I’ve seen. She said it would be easy to make up a new lap robe. I understand the rail on the back seat of my 1247 was for a lap robe to hang on. If so the lap rode could be about 33”x48”. Does anyone know what would be the correct size and color for a 1933 1247. Did the robe match the car as to color. Did pierce make them. Thanks again. Doug Vogel


    That is not a factory Pierce Arrow lap robe. If would take pages to cover everything about lap robes. There are six basic types, three early and three late. Give me a call after 8 tonight and I will go over them in detail with you. Generic generic left right lap robes run 75 to 300 dollars. Depending on construction, size and color. St rook Motor Robes run 750 to 3000 dollars depending on make, condition, and color. Ed Minnie


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    A factory lap robe.



    I was lucky enough to find an all leather lap robe with the original ” pierce “” label still seen in the corner. I do not have a lot of experience with the robes but have never seen another leather one. Are they much rarer than the fabric ones?”


    Please send me a photo, I have a huge lap robe collection, so I am very familiar with them. Remember they made a reproduction Pierce robe about 15 years ago, so you must be careful.


    Hi Ed,

    I have no idea if original or repro. It appears to be a beautiful original. The leather is thick, the ditching is x3 and the chase tags are wonderful.

    The only problem I see is it is almost perfect condition. Strange how wonderful makes one suspect awful. Lolo

    Let me know what you think










    The Pierce-Arrow Facts Book for 1935 (The Green Book) lists the motor (lap) robes that were available as an accessory. The price for the robe for a Model 845 is $50.00 and for the Models 1245 and 1255 $60.00. These are formidable prices for a motor robe at that time.

    The robe for my 1935 Model 845 Seven Passenger Sedan is covered on the top side with the same striped wool cloth in which the car seats are upholstered. The back side of the robe in covered in a faux fur type material. The robe measures 50 inches by 68 inches the latter being approximately the wide of the rear seat cushion. There is a tag on the back side similar to the one shown above. The robes could be supplied with several styles of monograms or with no monogram at all as mine is.


    Very nice factory robe! I like it.👍


    Wow…I was dubious when you said leather, but that looks great and like the real thing! That’s some fine stitching, both quality and stitch length…


    I never would have thought you could find leather lap robe. Are the fabric lap robes we find today solid colors or patterns for Pierce arrows.There is so much I did not know about lap robes,foot warmers and glove warmers . Thanks all. Doug Vogel


    I have enjoyed this string.

    I never thought about lap robes, but always assumed that they were cloth based. With the likelihood of exposure to rain/snow in an open car, a leather robe is logical.

    Rick, very nice find and thanks for the photographs.


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