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    To all you fellow owners of a ’29 125 Brougham, we are rich! The latest (Sept/Oct 2013) Old Cars Price Guide has our models valued from $7,040 condition 6 to $176,000 as condition 1. Somebody must love our cars as much as we do. Then again, they could have made a mistake in the database… In any case, check it out on page 94 of that issue.

    On a compleely unrelated (and even non-Pierce subject, forgive me), I am looking for advice on shops that can provide custom leaf and coil springs. We just converted our first all-electric vehicle and got it through the special inspection for converted electrics in Virginia. I want to now convert one of my stock of 1964 1/2 Mustang convertibles to all electric for my wife. The issue is the lighter weight on the front end without the V-8 engine, and the much greater weight in the rear end with 58 lithium ion batteries. The car must be re-sprung for it to be safe on the road. I am generally a purist on restorations, but it is amazing to be able to avoid a gas station altogether, and have at least a 100 mile range before re-charging. Her office has set up charging stations in the parking garage at no cost. It’s a no brainer! Any suggestions on the spring shops would be appreciated, in the discussion or via email at [email protected].

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