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    Motorcar Portfolio, a dealer out of Canton, OH had what looked like a very nice original Model 81 5 passenger sedan on Ebay, item number 220286970448. Tan with a light brown interior, sidemounts, wire wheels, supposedly a good runner and driver with 32,000 miles. Did not sell at high bid of $18,211, they said they are taking it to Hershey. Their buy-it-now price was $44,900. I was tempted but not for that much. I would be interested to know what it really sells for at Hershey if anyone sees it.


    Hi Don,

    I saw the car at Hershey and it is as described, a very original low-mileage car. I thought their $44K price was about double what it should be, and think the $18K auction bid is much more realistic. The market rarely lies. I’m pretty sure it was a no sale.



    Thanks for the response, I agree with you on the price. It is now on their website with the paint buffed out at $42,900.


    Hi- I saw it too at Hershey, and inspected it. I would agree that it is a nice car, but in the 18K to 20K range at most. If someone had to have it, 22K tops. IMHO David Coco


    It just went through a second eBay auction, once again ending below its reserve at $18,600. More confirmation of its market price. Maybe the dealer will get more realistic.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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