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    brown auctions in greensburg kansas had a 1927 series 36 7 pass limo in their december auction and it was passed at $19000.00 against a reserve of $27000.00. the owner is now open to offers. the car appears to be very complete and “in good running condition”” although it would need a complete restoration. brown’s telephone number is 620-723-2111 and they have extensive pictures of it if anyone is interested.”


    This was in the Emporium last month at $27,000 as I had recommended to the member/owner. This car needs to stay in active club ownership. As described to me it would be a good Vale Faro Award candidate. As we know these are popular tour cars at PAS Annual Meets and PAS Gatherings at Gilmore. I wish Diana would let me bring it home, but she thinks I have enough old iron already!

    We’d also certainly love to have this in the P-A Museum if anyone feels generous.



    Does the P-A museum have the space for the car? What is the criterion for lending a car to the museum?



    The factors in placing a loaned vehicle in the Pierce-Arrow Museum for display are as follows:

    1) Historical significant period and/or model vehicle not already represented in the display. There is a Collection Policy in place to guide these decisions.We don’t have any Series 32, 33 or 36 vehicles in the present display and we’d like to have a representative of this type if the stars aligned. Any Teens or older cars are always desired and we’ll make space for any Series 66 that comes along!

    2) Space available in the display. We can only display 18 or 19 cars comfortably. That means that there is space for only 3 or 4 loaned cars each season

    3) Vehicle will be exhibited for at least one full year/full season

    4) The Museum Director wants the vehicle displayed and is able to present sufficient argument to the Collection Committee

    5) The owner maintains insurance on the vehicle and holds the Museum harmless for any damages that may occur

    6) Cash donations and Museum membership will influence space consideration, but not guarantee selection

    Unless something changes we are probably pretty full for the 2013 season (4/1 to 12/1)but accepting applications for 2014.

    Temporary storage at Gilmore can usually be arranged if an owner is participating in scheduled activities at the Museum and needs logistical assistance. Contact the P-A Museum Director.

    Please call me at (231)740-6610 anytime if you have questions or wish to discuss a vehicle loan/donation.

    Dave Stevens, P-A Museum Director

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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