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    After being a member since 2007, and lusting after a Pierce for 50 years, I finally got one!!! A 1929 Model 143 EDL.  I know it has not been in the roster back to 2007 which is the earliest I have.

    It came with 29″ wire wheels ready to install but no lock rings!  The 1929 has 28″ wood wheels and tires are almost 50 years old.

    So, I’m looking for lock rings to fit the 29″ wire wheels,

    AND, I’m wondering if the wheels will fit in the sidemount.

    AND, looking at new tires – YIKES!


    Good evening Todd,

    Welcome to the Pierce-Arrow Society!

    Buddy Up with some of the’29 Gents and come to the Regional & National Meetings

    They can be a Blast, and you should learn a lot about your Pierce-Arrow

    Hang out, and You will learn a lot!

    Very best wishes,

    Peter Williams


    Todd, I have a ’29 EDL that is very original.

    If you need any pictures or insight just let me know.

    Just one thing, the locking clips for the lock rings can be hard to come by.


    Hi Craig:

    I do have a couple of questions:

    1. There is a flexible steel casing that holds the wire at the cutout.  It looks like it should be attached to a junction box at the cutout.  Mine is just hanging there with a wire coming out to the cutout.

    2. The windshield wipers appear to be operated by levers above the windshield.  Next to the lever is a pin sticking through the upholstery.  What is that?


    I know that lock rings are tough to come by.  The car came with restored wire wheels ready to install.  I’ll keep looking.

    Thanks a million,



    Hello Todd.

    18″ wheels are the standard size for a 1929 143″ Pierce.  So while wire wheels are for some, more attractive, for originality’s sake, the 18″ ones are correct.

    Whether the 19″ wheels and tires will fit in the sidemount fenderwells is going to depend on the tires you purchase.  Some tire makers have more or less combined the 6.50-7.00 tire size with a 7.50 tire.  So the tire is roughly 3/4″-1″ too large in diameter to fit in the wheelwells. What quite a few people do is to retain earlier tires for their spares in the fenderwells, and keep new tires on the ground.  A spare tire in this case is just that: a spare to get the car to the closest tire repair facility or to your trailer and back home..

    The generator cutout should only have two wires on it: one short one going internally to the generator brushes, and the second one going into a connector box and eventually to the negative battery post. [through several connections].

    The shielded wire you are referring to is most likely the horn wire. and should be attached to the headlight/horn switch located at the base of the steering gear box, where the light switch hollow tube connects to the switch, the hollow holds a wire going up to the horn button.  The horn button is a grounding switch or connection, the horn has a hot wire to it all the time..  Hope that makes sense..


    Greg Long




    Todd, the pin sticking out next to the manual wiper lever is to activate the wiper motor.

    You pull it out and the wiper motor runs off engine vacuum.

    If yours does not operate they can be rebuilt provided the casing is not warped.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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