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    Greg and Ken,

    Judi and I are very sorry for your loss. Our thoughts are with you at this sad time.


    Sent to us by Joe Malone.

    LOKI at a previous Gathering at Gilmore.


    LOKI was Always ready to go take a trip.


    LOKI would stand, sit or lie down next to any car that he suspected I might drive next.

    Just to make sure he was going with me.


    He was a handsome guy.


    Sandy will miss her buddy Loki. She had wanted to show him her favorite muddy space to run through at our home. She, Diana & I and will miss him at future Meets.

    Our hearts are very heavy for Greg and Ken.


    Greg and Ken, this breaks my heart, so sorry that you lost this great dog. I still smile about the first time at your house, using a 4×4 board as a fetch stick, never seen anything like it.

    He will be missed.


    Rick and Zeus send our very best.

    We had to put down his brotehr Titan a few years back. He is waiting for Loki. Titan said he would give him the guided tour and be his best buddy.

    p.s. Dogs are automaticly admitted into heaven. People…. another story.


    One of LOKI’s play toys.



    Loki was a spectacular diplomat for the Shepherd breed. He is now joining the millions of other shepherds herding the humans who were lucky enough to make it to heaven. We humans are here to be caretakers to these magnificent and intelligent animals, much like us lucky folks are charged with taking care of our Pierce Arrows. As a five time (consecutively) shepherd caretaker, my advice to you is to feel free to grieve for a while, but only a very short while. There is another Shepherd nearby who needs an experienced caretaker. Don’t deprive them of their job, which is to please you. Hope to meet him or her at Hershey, as many of us did Loki over the years.



    Dear Ken and Greg:

    Our hearts ache for the both of you. Loki was a faithful, loving member of your household and the Pierce Arrow Society. It won’t be the same without his presence at the meets. He will ALWAYS be remembered and NEVER, EVER forgotten.



    Again, my deepest sympathies over Loki’s passing. He was really a sweet dog, so well mannered. He seemed to remember everybody, you could come up to him a year after last seeing him, talk to him, and he’d remember you. I was so glad that my little Sally finally met him, and they really seemed to get along well. It was a real shock that he passed away so quickly. Again, my deepest sympathies.


    Greg and Ken,

    I am sorry for your loss of Loki. Janet and I always looked forward seeing him at the meets. We will miss him.

    Rich & Janet

Viewing 13 posts - 21 through 33 (of 33 total)
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