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    My first exposure to a Pierce-Arrow automobile was back in 1997 In Monroe MI. A used car dealership called Antique Auto used to rent old cars to movie lots. Once they were all done with the filming they would put these cars up for sale. My wife and I just happened to be there one summer day when we came across an original black 8 cyl PA limousine (with divider window)sitting in the showroom. This particular car was used in the TV series The Untouchables and was advertised as “Al Capone’s car” in the series. Although it was advertised as a 1929 model, I believe it was actually a 1931 model 43 limousine. As I stated, it was black exterior with black front leather seating and cloth back, a little tattered, but stated original interior.

    To this day I have never forgotten that car. It was the headlights that fascinated me and I wanted that car badly. Alas, it was not meant to be. I was told some time later that year that the car had been sold to someone in Texas.

    If anyone reading this knows this particular car can someone tell me where it ended up? I know it may sound strange, but, I do not want to buy this car, I just want to know what happened to it. Is it still out there, somewhere???…


    You mean the “new” Untouchables series, not the black and white, right?

    I remember a gold colored Pierce-Arrow on the series, which – I think- Elliot Ness received as a pribe from some mobster , but since he didn’t want it , he gave the keys for it so some hobo. :)

    It has crossed my mind many times to get that series on DVD , just to see that Pierce-Arrow !


    Hi, here’s some information on the series:



    One more,

    I think the black Pierce-Arrow is visible here:



    You are correct, that would be the “new” series from 1993-94. William Forsythe played Al Capone and this P-A was advertised as his car in the series.

    Although I have not seen any of the episodes mentioned, I will be looking on Youtube to see if I can spot that car.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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