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    I’ve located what I think is the original paint color on my 1934

    840A Club Brougham…..it looks like it is dark green. Does anyone have information on factory colors, paint codes, etc. Also, were the fenders black and the body dark green ??

    Thanks, Rich Anderson

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    By the mid 30’s, a two tone combination (fenders and body) was becoming fairly rare, for some reason it looks right on earlier models, but not so good on later models. Sometimes the body mouldings were painted a different color, usually one that was a few shades different than body color, not a contrasting color.

    My guess is that if you found dark green, the whole car was dark green.

    Pierce did have an “art and styling” department at that point, and there are charts existing showing “factory” color combinations. I’m out of town so don’t have access to my files, perhaps someone could get a copy and scan it for you…….good luck David Coco


    Hello Richard,

    I will e-mail you a copy of PASB 75-4. This lists the standard color combinations for the later years of Pierce. It also gives colors for the engine bay and other helpful information.

    David is correct. By 1934, many of the standard paint jobs were monochromatic, with the possible exception of the wheels. As an example, there is an “Everglades Green” listed for the lower, upper, fenders, but “Linden Green” for the wheels. There is also a “Thessalon Green” listed across the board, for lower, fenders, upper and wheels.

    Note that there are “IM” numbers listed which are formula numbers. A little research on the internet and you can see pictures of old color chip books that correspond to these paint formula numbers. Now, be careful here because, 1). The old color chips have changed colors over the years, and 2). Who knows how well your PC’s color monitor is rendering the color. But, you can get an idea of what “Thessalon Green” looked like.

    Happy Motoring,

    Chris Diekman


    When I painted my first ’36 Pierce Arrow many years ago, I did research, located an original color chip and had paint mixed to match that color. It was almost impossible to match the color after that. A Pierce Arrow could be painted any color, the factory would do that. To make your project easier, go to a large body shop, or maybe an automotive paint store and ask to use the “fleet book”. These books are an excellent source of “factory pack” colors which in many cases are non metallic. The different shades progress gradually, from light to dark, and one may be chosen that fairly approximates a factory color, if that is what you are trying to do,and will always be available in a “factory pack mix”. I chose an ’82 Chrysler color for my ’36, a non metallic color, which to my eye was much more pleasing than the factory muddy brown maroon of 1936.


    Tony, the car looks great. Ed


    Thanks everybody for the help……I’ll do my research and see what I can find…..Rich


    http://WWW.autocolorlibrary.com has Ditz-Lac original files and paint info on

    all the late P.A.s.They also claim to be able to supply correctly

    colored paint.By inserting make and date,the site provides the names of

    the stock colors available.

    The ’34 “8”s came in 2 green colors(plus Linden Green on the wheels of

    the Everglades Green),Everglades Green and Thessalon Green.The chart

    reveals what color was employed on the fenders,wheels,upper and lower

    body.The 7 day a week number is 858 909 2110.

    Good luck,you’ve got a rare car!

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